Building Career Pathways – Uncovering untapped potential

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Too many D/deaf, neurodiverse and disabled young people face barriers when trying to find a job and too many employers seem unwilling or unable to change this.

In this episode, Lucy and our guests delve into the barriers faced by D/deaf, neurodiverse and disabled young people in securing employment and advocate for the systemic change needed to bridge the employability gap.

Our guests discuss the significance of robust support networks, bespoke opportunities, guaranteed interview opportunities, longer-term placements and the need for more, longer-term, funding.

Join us in working towards a future where everyone, regardless of ability, has equal access to fulfilling career opportunities.

Watch Episode Four of Stronger Voices Together below

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Created by John Lyon’s Charity

Hosted by Lucy Edwards 

Produced by Through the I 

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Part One: Shardonnay Roseman, Office Assistant at John Lyon’s Charity, and Jack Taylor, Head of Fundraising & Communications at Pursuing Independent Paths (PiP)

Pursuing Independent Paths

Testimonial: Enis, Caitie, Vahid and Ella, trainees at Fair Shot Café 

Part Two: Bianca Tavella, CEO & Founder of Fair Shot Café, and John McCafferty, CEO of Community Focus

Fair Shot Café

Community Focus