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Welcome to Stronger Voices Together, a podcast series dedicated to exploring the diverse world of disability and inclusion, created by John Lyon’s Charity and hosted by disability activist Lucy Edwards. In each episode, Lucy engages in compelling discussions with experts, advocates and young people, delving into critical topics and unravelling the narratives, challenges, and successes within the realm of disability.  

Through insightful conversations, this podcast aims to amplify the voices of D/deaf, visually impaired, neurodiverse, and disabled children and young adults, as well as their families, schools, and the organisations working with them.  

Join us on this journey of discovery, as we champion inclusive opportunities, spark meaningful conversations, and promote positive change. Tune in to Stronger Voices Together and be part of the movement towards a more inclusive society.

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In the bottom left corner there is 'Hosted by Lucy Edwards' in navy font, and in the bottom left corner is the John Lyon's Charity logo.

About the episodes

This series will unfold over five thought-provoking episodes, each released every two weeks from Tuesday 23rd April. You can watch the full episodes below or listen wherever you find your podcast. 

Episode 1 – The Cultural Capital Gap: More needs to be done, together

For too long, the teaching of Arts subjects in schools has been undervalued in comparison to other academic subjects – we’re here to challenge this hierarchy.

This conversation welcomes the voices of passionate guests who advocate for the transformative power of creativity, confidence, and communication skills that are nurtured through Arts education. 

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Episode 2 – The Power of Language: Why words matter

Language and disability labels still act as a critical barrier to participation for many young people and the fear of ‘getting it wrong’ can prevent organisations from embracing inclusion. 

In this episode, Lucy and our guests share their personal and raw experiences of language and labels, advocating for a more inclusive approach to communication that places lived experiences at the heart. This podcast contains language some people may find distressing. 

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Episode 3 – Embracing Inclusive Practice: Fight the fear

Many organisations claim that their work is inclusive but what does this really mean?  Should all work be inclusive or is there still a place for specialist accessible work? 

In this episode, we explore what it truly means to be inclusive for D/deaf, neurodiverse, and disabled children and young people and highlight the importance of bespoke approaches to inclusion to remove barriers to participation.

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Episode 4 – Building Career Pathways: Uncovering untapped potential

Too many disabled people face barriers when trying to find a job and too many employers seem unwilling or unable to change this. Join us in working towards a future where everyone, regardless of ability, has equal access to fulfilling career opportunities.

In this episode, Lucy and our guests as delve into the barriers faced by D/deaf, neurodiverse and  disabled young people in securing employment and advocate for the systemic change needed to bridge the employability gap.

Watch from 4th June 2024

Episode 5 – A Whole Family Approach: Life without limits

In this episode, Lucy and our guests discuss the obstacles faced by families of D/deaf, neurodiverse, and disabled children and young people in accessing the opportunities that so many take for granted.

Join us as guests share their valuable lived experience as parents, and the organisations working with them, to address what more can be done to ensure inclusion is meaningful for the whole family unit.  

Watch from 18th June 2024