The Cultural Capital Gap – More needs to be done, together

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For too long, the teaching of Arts subjects in schools has been undervalued in comparison to other academic subjects – we’re here to challenge this hierarchy.

In this episode, we will be exploring the invaluable role that Arts and Culture play for children in mainstream schools, special schools and out of school settings, particularly for visually impaired, D/deaf, neurodiverse, and disabled children and young people.

This conversation welcomes the voices of passionate guests, Ali King and Paul Morrow, who advocate for the transformative power of creativity, confidence, and communication skills that are nurtured through arts education, and how these skills are crucial for the holistic development of young minds.

Through poignant anecdotes and expert insights, this episode sheds light on the challenges faced by SEN settings, including under-resourcing and the urgent need for greater collaboration between schools and cultural organisations.

Join us in taking action by signing up to the Cultural Inclusion Manifesto, a collective commitment to accessibility, participation, and representation in Arts and culture, and by visiting our helpful resources on our Cultural Inclusion webpage.

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Created by John Lyon’s Charity

Hosted by Lucy Edwards 

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Part One: Ali King, Chief Executive of Turtlekey Arts

Turtle Key Arts  

Testimonial: JadoreKid, Founder of JK Cartoon Studios

JK Cartoon Studios 

Part Two: Paul Morrow, Lead Practitioner of the Creative Arts at Westminster Special Schools

Westminster Special School 

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