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In the fifth and final episode of Stronger Voices Together, Lucy and our guests discuss the obstacles faced by families of D/deaf, neurodiverse, and disabled children and young people in accessing the opportunities that so many take for granted.

Join us as guests share their valuable lived experience as parents, and the organisations working with them, to address what more can be done to ensure inclusion is meaningful for the whole family unit.

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Created by John Lyon’s Charity

Hosted by Lucy Edwards 

Produced by Through the I 

Animation by vecteezy.com  


Part One: Katie Sparks, Founder & CEO of Flamingo Chicks, and April Li, Founder of Portraits of Grit

Flamingo Chicks

Portraits of Grit

Testimonial: Justin Watson, CEO of Young People’s Foundation Trust

Young People’s Foundation Trust

Part Two: Katie Sparks, Founder & CEO of Flaming Chicks, and Layne Harrod, Head of Programmes, Go Live Theatre Projects

Go Live Theatre

Flamingo Chicks


Blog posts for each podcast episode:

Anna Hoddinott, Senior Grants Manager – The Cultural Capital Gap

Debbie Howitt, Grants Manager – The Power of Language

Julia Rinne, Research, Evaluation and Learning Manager – Embracing Inclusive Practice

Karen Millen, Senior Grants Manager – Building Career Pathways

Tom Mansell, Grants Manager – A Whole Family Approach