Internship Funding

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Building on its learning from A New Perspective, John Lyon’s Charity has ring-fenced half a million pounds through its Home-School-Community Strategy, to create a blueprint of best practice for increasing the number of inclusive work opportunities across the Arts sector.

The funding will also provide capacity-building information sessions for Arts organisations interested in creating more inclusive working environments.  To do this effectively, the Charity is working with Pursuing Independent Paths (PIP) who will be supporting both the host Arts organisations and the individual young people, to make their internship placements a success. Our aspiration is that in gaining experience of working with young disabled people, organisations will feel confident to provide their own internship programmes and employment opportunities after the end of the Charity’s funding.  

This exciting and innovative funding opportunity is exclusive to Arts organisations that have previously been supported by John Lyon’s Charity and is designed to provide practical and meaningful work opportunities for young people with special educational needs and disabilities from the Charity’s Beneficial Area.

If you are an Arts organisation that operates within our Beneficial Area, please click on the links below to find out more.