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In September 2020, Susan Whiddington and Graham Furniss became the first Ambassadors of John Lyon’s Charity.  Their role is to raise awareness of our work to potential grantees, other funders, and policy makers.  This is an important role as it will help us to reach new people, raise awareness of our work and inspire new participatory activity for our grantees. Susan and Graham have already demonstrated huge commitment to the Charity over a long period of time and have both sat on the Charity’s Grants Committee as well as serving as Governors of Harrow School.

Susan Whiddington
First as a grantee recipient of John Lyon’s Charity and then later as its chair, I feel fortunate to have a deep understanding and a genuine appreciation of the charity’s values and ethos. JLC’s team of knowledgeable, caring and dedicated individuals has made a huge difference to the charity’s beneficiaries by thinking ‘outside the box’ to develop a wide range of innovative initiatives to improve their lives. I am honoured and privileged to serve as an Ambassador to support John Lyon’s Charity in its far-reaching ideals and mission.

Graham Furniss
Twelve years on the JLC Grants Committee gave me a unique insight into the huge range of organisations working with young people that the Charity has been able to support — from two person outfits working on the front line of youth violence to major national institutions such as the Royal Opera House. I take my hat off to the JLC Grants Team who have encouraged, supported, helped and monitored all these organisations and built up a depth of expertise and experience which is second to none. I have sung JLC’s praises for twelve years and will continue to sing that same song.