John Lyon’s Charity Announces New Directorate Structure Following Departure of Long-Serving Grants Director

One of London’s leading Grant-Givers in the Children and Young People’s sector, John Lyon’s Charity, announces their plans to adopt a new Directorate structure, effective from 1st September. This organisational model shift follows the news that Cathryn Pender, the Charity’s esteemed Grants Director, will be stepping down after 34 years of dedicated service. 

Dr Lynne Guyton, Chief Executive Officer of John Lyon’s Charity, comments: “After much consideration and discussion of different organisational models with the Charity’s Management Board, I am delighted to announce we will be promoting the Charity’s current Senior Grants Managers – Anna Hoddinott, Erik Mesel, and Karen Millen – to Grants Directors, each responsible for a different area of the Charity’s work.” 

Under the new structure, their roles will be as follows: 

  • Erik Mesel – Director of Public Policy & Partnerships 

Anna, Erik, and Karen will begin their new roles in September and are committed to maintaining the Charity’s legacy while exploring new ways to effectively allocate grants for the maximum benefit of children and young people in the Beneficial Area. 

Cathryn Pender, the Charity’s hugely respected and experienced Grants Director, will be stepping down after over thirty years. Reflecting on Cathryn’s time at John Lyon’s Charity, Guyton comments: 

“Cathryn has been instrumental in the creation of John Lyon’s Charity, shaping the direction, style, and ethos from the very beginning.  She started working for the late Andrew Stebbings, Clerk to the Trustee at Harrow School and assisted him in laying the foundations for what was to become one of the leading children and young people’s funders in the UK. 

Alongside the Charity’s first Grants Director, David Robins, Cathryn developed the Charity’s grant-giving methodology and the principles that still underpin how we work today. 

It is without doubt that without Cathryn and her unwavering commitment to furthering the cause for children and young people, both the Charity and the Beneficial Area would look very different today and we are going to miss her very much. “ 

John Lyon’s Charity looks forward to this new chapter and remains committed to its mission of transforming the lives of Children and Young People in the Beneficial Area to learn, grow and develop through education.