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 Even before Covid-19 and the closure of schools, John Lyon’s Charity was very much aware of the worrying trend away from Arts subjects in schools to focus on the more ‘academic’ core subjects. Many schools do not offer specialist Arts GCSE and A Level subjects and even at primary level, where there is usually more flexibility on the curriculum, Arts activities are increasingly squeezed in favour of other subjects.

As we think about how to recover the “lost learning” of children who have spent a substantial period of their lives out of school, creativity and the arts must surely be at the core. There must be an entitlement for all pupils to access well-rounded learning opportunities which incorporate curriculum time for subjects including drama, art, music and design and technology. The Cultural Capital Fund is about creating opportunities, that have been curtailed by restrictions due to Covid-19, for young people to engage with Arts, particularly those from backgrounds that typically do not have the same opportunities.

To encourage schools to prioritise and provide more arts activities for their pupils we are pleased to offer our Cultural Capital Fund. This exciting Fund is exclusive to schools and Arts organisations only. It is designed to ensure that access to high quality Arts activities, delivered by the best Arts practitioners, are accessible to all children across John Lyon’s Charity’s Beneficial Area. Activities should be planned and delivered as face-to-face experiences; applications for virtual or online delivery are not suitable for this Fund. Please also be aware that there is limited funding for this particular Grant Fund.

If you are an Arts organisation that operates within our Beneficial Area, please click on the links below to see if you are eligible for the Cultural Capital Fund.

If you are an Arts organisation that meets all of the above requirements, please apply via the Grants Portal here. If you do have any questions regarding the Cultural Capital Fund, please contact your Grants Manager or email [email protected].

If you are a school and interested in the Cultural Capital Fund, please click here.  We invite you to watch the film below to find out more about the impact of this Fund on children and young people.